Saturday, 31 May 2008


Some of you might know that already but I am a design head. I love everything that has to do with architecture, interior design, furniture (mainly 20th century but also 18th/19th and contemporary), objects, decorative art, etc etc. I mean I love fashion....but I LOVE design. I queever when I read AD, Interiors, Wallpaper and Elle Deco... I dream about my perfect home and the perfect things that will go in it....more than I dream about the perfect closet with Glamour or Cosmo for instance. Obviously, it's easier to have a big dressing than 7 homes to furnish but that's something I'm trying to make peace with... hmmm not quite ready yet!

So I really like Philippe Starck, I mean he is a design superstar, but I don't think that everything he touches turns to design gold. Really not. For example, he did venture into fashion (see shoes - bof non?) and I personnally think he should really stick to "stuff".

But you might have heard about and seen the Ghost Armchair, one of his bestsellers, and I also like a few other things that are less known (see below) lamp shade and Oooooh so comfy sofa...

So he creates objects and decorates restaurants, hotels, boutiques, etc....and one of his last creations is the interior design of The Meurice Hotel lobby, restaurant and bar. For those who don't know, Le Meurice is a legendary parisian hotel, one of the 5 palaces left in the capital (amazing places where you can actually ask the staff to pee for you if you can't be arsed to go yourself), that has housed the most famous, fashionable, richest and crowned people for centuries. It's a stone's throw away from all the über fashion boutiques, from Colette to Hermès and the likes, across the pretty Jardin des Tuileries and neighbourg to the best hot chocolate in Paris: Angelina (hmm to-die-for).

So the revamping of such an institution was not an easy task...and really the man did a great job. The funny thing about Starck is that his objects are so modern, ergonomic, plastified and futuristic that it is hard to imagine that he is the left brain behind this amazing mix of old and new, fantasmagoric, baroque and historical references bathed in romantic decadence. It's just one of those places where you want to walk in the lobby at 3am wearing a super glam frock, sit at the bar, pull a totally blasé face on and order a dry apple martini while puffing on a long cigarette with a dramatic hand gesture.

Or is it just me?!?

I am just absolutely in love with this place and I mean I have to confess that one of this post's purpose was kind of also to get the word out to Mr Man....You know in a "hint-hint" kind of way, but clearer? "Hey Mr Man, I very much like this place and I would very much like you to take me there sometime!" (nice and clear, just like men need right?)

So here's a few pics, but obviously if you can, "just pop there" for a drink or a romantic dinner...what more can a woman want ? (hmm well, rings, clothes, designer bags, luxury holidays and an Aston Martin v8 but I mean, you have to start somewhere..)

Here's also a snippet of his work in the restaurant LAN in Hong Kong. Love that too.


Le Meurice

ps: note to myself : post wishlist of presents on blog

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