Wednesday, 9 March 2011

made me laugh.

by Adam McEwen

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


My favourite song on her album (sorry for the shite video, nothing better on youtube)

and the accoustic version...yep she's still gorge' and can still sing....

V.V. Brown, "Back in Time", Travelling like the light


You might remember my post from a while back on Emma.

My friend Emma has evolved, worked, tried, tested, worked some more, and matured.

Her work today reflects the relationship she has built with the world, her view of us populating it, and her own self in the gaze of those she choses to capture in her lense. A landscape of personnalities, vulnerable or assertive, bold and stripped, each face will make you guess the lives behind the skin.

She will be exhibiting a serie of portraits called "In Utero" in London's trendy East End as of March 29th. If you're there, don't miss it, if you're not, check out her photos here.



"Il faut savoir se vider les mains pour mieux les remplir"


Mr Man showed me this video some time ago and I really liked it. Let alone the orchestration, vocals and flow which are pretty fresh (for hip hop lovers out there), the video is something too. All in one take; you do have to see it a couple of times to fully realize the skill this has taken. Somebody really thought this one through I say.

Enjoy xx

Nile, "Let the beat build"
Video by Chadd Harbold

Sunday, 6 March 2011


This song seriously makes me want to jump on the next plane to Cuba......(sigh)

Soha, "Mil Pasos", D'ici et d'ailleurs

Friday, 4 March 2011


I was looking forward to seeing the Dior exhibition at Le Bon Marché with my sister.
Was very disappointed, it looked like a man size commercial, - bar a couple of beautiful vintage pieces - it was home to the swankiest fragrance ads and catwalk retrospectives. Not worth the queue..(a queue in a department store please!). So obviously we had to drawn our sorrow in a thé gourmant, which thankfully, was worth it!


Spectacular footwear from the Mc Queen SS11 collection :

a little retrospective...

and, as a perfect companion for a bit of friday night grocery shopping which will make all the local fashionistas regrouped in the health section drop their Gayelord Hauser oat & fibre biscuits in disarray, i present you the glamazone meets pegasus number. Eat this B•@#!!


Absence without leave, i deserted my own book. It's one thing to fill your life, but another one to set aside the time to record and share. After much deliberation with, well, myself, I think i'm ready to press the red button again.